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Dr. K. Anandaraj, M.Sc., M.Phil., (LS)., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

Warm Greetings to all,

‘Education is the route of enlightment’

Our Shanmuga Industries Arts & Science College, Tiruvannamalai holds the powerful weapon of Educational tool to change the world. Our motive is to elaborate expand the systems of Education that each and every pupil must be inculcated ‘to think’ through learning. This ensures the harmonious growth of the Institution to the Himalayan peak.

Our excellent management aims at strengthening the minds of the creative genius in a favourable atmosphere. They have provided us marble sculpture to shape the mind souls of our students. I hope that our students will be the persons of stupendous knowledge and understanding. Hence, we forwarded our step with great effort to create ideal students in ideal atmosphere.

“Excellence is achieved when we put our best effort in a best way” I deem it a great pleasure to release the college annual magazine 2014-15. I extend my hearty congratulations to the dedicated magazine members, who have shown considerable co-operation by bearing the fruits of creativity. ‘The key of creativity is adorned beautifully with originality’.

I am at the height of ecstasy to meet you through this page. The approach of SIASC is unique and consistent to provide quality education which is Noble and kind. I believe that this quality education will enable the students to grow Nationality, socially and religiously. My hope is expecting the brightest day, when our students shine with good learning and reasoning in future.

I would like to thank our secretary and correspondent for his support and guidance in all my endeavourer. The united efforts of everyone are helpful to create innovative students with immeasurable talents, which add beauty to the college.

On behalf of the magazine members, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the management and professors who opened the minds of our magazine.

I would like to extend my hearty / whole hearted congratulations to the students and faculties who contributed their innovative creations to adorn the magazine artistically.

So, let us lead with confidence and aim for the best!