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CMA (Cost and Management Accounting)

            In our college we got approval from the CMA (Cost and Management Accounting) institute Kolkata, India, to conduct the CMA Programme for the student during their degree course study period for foundation course. We are conducting classes from 240 Periods. The classes will be started from the 2nd week of May 2016.


Program schedule

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II Batch

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Up to 30th April

Every Year

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Class Duration

May – August

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 Every Year


 Every Year


Cost Accounting:-

            Cost accounting is expensively used in a wide variety of business including Hospitals, Government, Banking, Retails, and Manufacturing sectors. The cost accounting system in the nails of an internal financial information system to assist manager to makes business decisions.


The different types of business decision will vary with the nature of the organization but typically these could include.

  • Whether to provide a new service
  • Whether to make or busy a product
  • The extent to which the selling price may be alerted
  • Weather to manufacture a new type of product.
  • Weather to increase the levels of services provided.


Objectives of CMA

  • To develop the Cost and Management Accountancy function as a powerful tool of management control in all spheres of economic activities.
  • To promote and develop the adoption of scientific methods in cost and management accountancy.
  • To develop the professional body of members and equip them fully to discharge their functions and fulfill the objectives of the Institute in the context of the developing economy.
  • To keep abreast of the latest developments in the cost and management accounting principles and practices, to incorporate such changes are essential for sustained vitality of the industry and other economic activities.
  • To exercise supervision for the entrants to the profession and to ensure strict adherence to the best ethical standards by the profession.
  • To organize seminars and conferences on subjects of professional interest in different parts of the country for cross-fertilization of ideas for professional growth.
  • To carry out research and publication activities covering various economic spheres and the publishing of books and booklets for spreading information of professional interest to members in industrial, education and commercial units in India and abroad.

Scope of CMA:-

  • It creates soft skills and lot of jib opportunities.
  • CMA offers to perform services involving the costing, pricing of goods and services or carries out the preparation, verification of cost accounting.
  • On account of growing competition in the corporate sector the need for cost accounting increasing manifold.
  • CMA assists in planning, monitoring and controlling the cost and price of the product or services.
  • To understand the cost of product & services at different stages of production
  • As per the regulation of companies Act 1956, every company whose turnover exceeds Rs. 50 Crores must conduct Cost Audit every year.


Further Contact:-

Prof. K. ANNAMALAI, M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed.,Head, Department of Commerce

Prof. P. SAKTHIVEL, M.Com., M.Phil., Assistant Professor, Department Of Commerce

Prof. N. KARTHIKEYAN, MCA., M.Phil., Assistant Professor, Department of SCS