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The department of Electronic science  was established in the year 1997  affiliated to the Madras University, Chennai till 2002 and from 2003  affiliated to the Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore . The Department offers a three year B.Sc., Degree course, in Electronic Science. The department imparts quality education with hands on experience to fit into the Electronics industries. The importance of Electronics has been realized by many industries. The need of trained manpower in this area is on increase, we cater the needs of the industries. Eminent scientist, from various premier educational/research institutes helps the students with their expert guidance. Apart from this, the students are taught about recent advancements in Electronics and Communications through internet facility and guest lecturers regularly. The ultimate idea of our department is to encourage the students to come up with their innovative ideas to utilize our fully equipped laboratory for the betterment of the society through excellent ideas.


Vision & Mission :




To create an educational environment in which students are prepared to meet the challenges of modern industrial society by equipping them with technical knowledge, practical skills and innovative thoughts in the Electronics Field




To promote research, development and testing environment to meet ever changing and ever demanding needs of the electronic Industry, along with IT & other disciplines.




To enables the students acquire comprehensive abilities and practical skills by hands on experience to apply the knowledge gained on various scientific and technical areas that will facilitate to acquire job opportunities


Year of Establishment  : 1997

Programmes / Courses offered : UG – B.Sc., ELECTRONICS SCIENCE (UG, PG, M.Phil., Ph.D., Integrated Masters; Integrated Ph.D., etc.)

Interdisciplinary courses and Departments involved   : Physics - NME

Annual / Semester / Choice based credit system : CBCS

Student strength admitted by the university : 50

No of Staffs & Supporting Staffs :  4 Teaching Staffs,  1 Technical Staff

Facilities (Ex: - Class Rooms, Labs, and Etc.,) : Class Rooms – 3 , Department – 1 ,  Labs – 1,  Computer with internet – 1,  Intercom – 1