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1.1. History of the Department

The department of Biotechnology was founded in the year 2007 affiliated to the Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore. The Department offers a three year B.Sc., Degree course, in Biotechnology. The department imparts quality education with hands on experience to fit into the biotech sectors. The importance of biotechnology has been realized in the last few years by many industries. The need of trained manpower in this area is on increase, we cater the needs of the industries. Eminent scientist, from various premier educational/research institutes helps the students with their expert guidance. Apart from this, the students are taught about recent advancements in Biotechnology through internet facility and guest lecturers regularly.

In addition to regular curriculum the department organizes technical seminars, symposia, workshops, industrial visits, in-plant training to expose the students to the real world environments and to enable them to gain practical knowledge. The ultimate idea of our department is to encourage the students to come up with their innovative ideas to utilize our fully equipped laboratory for the betterment of the society through biotechnological ideas.

1.2. Vision & Mission


  • To advance the understanding of the biological and genetic engineering through the development of biotechnological research, education and extension activities.
  • To develop high quality human resource required for both academics and industries as well as to in the frontier areas of modern biotechnology of international standard.
  • To impart biotechnological research and education for sustainable development of environment


  • To provide individual attention, high quality education and of character building for biotechnology students
  • Produce broadly educated, highly skilled students who can choose their own areas of interest in their future.
  • To offer international quality education and research in Biotechnologists
  • To become a global player in modern Biotechnologists and technician
  • To create a biologically ethical, safe environment for the society
  • Equip young students with in-depth education, highly skilled and strategies to change the future.
  • Organizing number of training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences

1.3. Year of Establishment:

Year of Establishment: 2007



Established Year






1.4. Salient Features:

MoU WITH KYUNGPOOK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, SOUTH KOREA. (Research Collaboration with leading foreign university).

  • State level/ National/ International seminars, workshop and conference.
  • The department has well established laboratory.
  • Achieved 18 University Rank with 01 gold medals so far.
  • Successfully completed 12 batches with 100% results.

1.5. Highlights of the Department:

  • The faculty at Department of Biotechnology creates knowledge and ideas that develop understanding. The program has been devised to provide a highly academic environment that will create scientific talent capable of applying knowledge and equipped for industry/competitive exams/academics/research
  • Explore in the interdisciplinary areas of biotechnology with particular emphasis on extending the knowledge generated from these studies towards the development of technologies of commercial significance.
  • 100% placement records of the students in well-known companies with the highest package. For the placement, we guide students for the interview as well as mentally. We also guide them for each step to get successfully placed on campus.
  • Our department encouraged students to get their higher studies in state university.
  • Students are placed in Government sectors as well as Top MNCs like Biocon, Omega Health Care, and reputed Hospitals.